The Interview Project

I’ve decided to begin an ongoing project of interviewing colleagues. I feel that lots of us unknown-artist-types have a lot to say, we just don’t have a forum to say it.

I know what you’re saying: “Isn’t that what a blog is for?” You’re probably right. Blogs have replaced the correspondences and diaries that musicologists and anthropologists used to collect and preserve and use to incriminate us. (Now, all we’ve got are drunk Facebook pictures to incriminate us…) The issue is that often we can’t really be prompted correctly to talk about some of the stuff that’s important to us. Plus, these people may not know you, and it gets them some exposure, and isn’t that what all of us attention-starved Internet generation people are looking for, anyway?

I’ve decided to take all comers, in terms of interviewing. If you would like to be interviewed, all you need to do is send me a link to a website, or provide me with examples of your art (whatever it may be). You can find my contact information on this site.

I hope to hear from you, and to help you to be heard for yourself!

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