The Hartt School’s…

…Saxophone Studio will be performing my piece for fourteen (that’s right, fourteen!) saxophones, Say Nothing, at the North American Saxophone Alliance regional conference in West Point, NY on March 18 – 19.  Carrie Koffman, the saxophone professor at The Hartt School and the commissioner of the piece, will be performing it for a third time.  Repeat performances give you a great feeling; it’s nice to know that a piece resonates with people enough to survive past its premiere!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the piece, it’s a hell of a ride!  It’s a mix of classical music, film noir references, swearing…there’s even a cut-up love letter from summer camp!  Check out the premiere recording:

[wpaudio url=” Nothing.mp3″ text=”Say Nothing” dl=”0″]

Carrie has asked that I trim down the performing forces from fourteen to twelve, which is probably the best move in this situation.  I originally wanted twelve, anyway.  It’s funny how stuff like that works out!