Well, I got the…

…results from the Finale/ACF/eighth blackbird Composition Contest, and it turns out that although I wasn’t one of the three finalists, I did make it to the top fifteen that received an honorable mention!  You can check out 8bb’s blog post about the honorable mention here.

I’ve got mixed feelings on the whole thing; I really, really, really wanted to make it to the finals, but I can’t deny that it feels good to be recognized, even if it’s not exactly what I was hoping for.

A twitter friend of mine (and talented/accomplished composer), Melissa Dunphy, was quick to point out how few women and minorities were represented in the fray.  I don’t know how to react to this, exactly.  I don’t know what my role should be in advocating for the rights of others in this situation.  I do feel a little better, though, having used a woman’s name as my pseudonym; I thought that I might stand out from the crowd of white guys in that way.

Next time, though, I’m definitely going to use the pseudonym “Kickass McAwesome!”

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