The TWEAK Experience

I’ve finally received the recording of my piece for Wind Ensemble and Electronics, TWEAK!  I’ve been waiting to blog this until I had all the goods to put into a post, and now that I do, here we go!

The whole Digital Embrace (the concert’s title) was an incredible event.  David Vickerman, the conductor/organizer, really put himself out there to make this happen.  There were two days worth of activities (at least for me).  Day One was dress rehearsal day.  I had never been to Peabody before, and man was I impressed when I got there.  It has to be one of the most beautiful music schools I’ve ever laid eyes on; there were all sorts of marble statues, staircases, and all sorts of Hogwarts-esque stuff all over.  I’ve put some pictures below: take a look!

This was also the first concert that I had absolutely nothing to do with in terms of preparation.  My job was to come in, say my piece, wave when my piece was done, and go home.  It was a strange feeling, but I definitely felt like a “real” composer during the whole process.

I got to meet to really awesome composers (and nice guys, to boot!): Christopher Stark and Stephen Bryant.  Christopher and I shared a room, and he took me out drinking, where I may or may not have confessed my eternal jealousy toward one of his outstanding colleagues (alright, I definitely may have…).

The musicians at Peabody did an incredible job, and I wish I could have thanked each one personally!  The experience of writing for large ensembles is completely addictive; after this, I’m chomping at the bit to write another one!  I’m hoping another opportunity comes soon.

Take a listen to TWEAK here:  [haiku url=”” ]