Author: Jason

Well folks…

…here it is: the new logo, along with a much-needed touch of color!  Thanks once again to Jen Moore of Aries Designs for creating this for me! Next step is to recruit my friend, Amanda L. Smith, to get some awesome photographs… What do you think, blog readers?  Give me your feedback! Read more →

Logo Commission, part 2

I’m very excited to reveal the next couple sets of logos for my website that Jen Moore of Aries Designs has created for me! After looking at the first set of logos, I told Jen that I love the blue-grey color she was using for the main lettering, and to keep exploring colors to go with that.  I asked if… Read more →

The Interview Project: Brandon Scott Rumsey, Composer

[The following post is the first installment of my Interview Project.  If you would like to be a part of this project, feel free to contact me.  Be prepared with a way to present your media to me somehow, through a website or other means.  There are absolutely no restrictions as to media or aesthetic.] Brandon Rumsey, Composer Brandon’s interest… Read more →

So, I’ve realized…

…that despite my best efforts to come up with a suitable logo for my website, I don’t have nearly enough skills in design to create anything that doesn’t scream, “Awww…he did it all by himself!” My good friend Amanda has been telling me to seek the help of hers for a while now, but I’ve been too proud to, until… Read more →

I’ve been working…

…on this website for a couple of months now, and I’m still not happy with how it’s looking. I have been trying to go with a theme that might imply how I would want my music to sound: something distinctly modern, but with obvious roots in tradition. (You know, it’s funny. I’ve been obsessed with “musical tradition” for years and… Read more →

The Interview Project

I’ve decided to begin an ongoing project of interviewing colleagues. I feel that lots of us unknown-artist-types have a lot to say, we just don’t have a forum to say it. I know what you’re saying: “Isn’t that what a blog is for?” You’re probably right. Blogs have replaced the correspondences and diaries that musicologists and anthropologists used to collect… Read more →

I always have this…

…problem of explaining what I do as a composer.  I’ll be on a date, or out with some people who have no background in music, or in jail after robbing a bank to pay off my student loans, and someone will ask me, “so what do you do / what are you going to school for / why are you… Read more →

I’ve been doing…

…a lot of meditating lately (as much as I can meditate, which for those who know me, is pretty much none…unless by “meditate,” I mean “loudly obsess over with my roommate”…which is kind of what I mean, anyway) on Greg Sandow’s riffs for his book-in-progress, Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music.  If you’re interested in classical music at all and… Read more →