As many of you know…

…I am a habitual sulker on Twitter/Facebook. Composing is not one of those careers you go into because things go easily, and at times it can feel pretty damn bleak.  Unless you’re one of, I dunno, ten individuals on the planet, you’re not really making money by doing it (that number may be higher or lower, depending on whom you’re… Read more →


Select one of the links below.  Click on the icon to listen to a recording.  You can use the menu at the bottom of the page to navigate back and forth. NOTE: The file format is mp3; please check your browser’s settings to ensure proper playback.   Large Ensemble Chamber Voice Electronic      Read more →


BIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT Jason Michael Gerraughty is a composer of vibrant, dramatic, and bold music. His musical influences are diverse, ranging from the small-town New England municipal bands he performed with in his youth, to the orchestral, chamber, and gamelan ensembles he has performed with as an adult. He has worked with such talented musicians such as Lucy Shelton, So Percussion, Beta… Read more →

Curriculum Vitae

Below is a PDF of my Curriculum Vitae, along with a list of works.  You can download this document by clicking here. [iframe url=”” width=”100%” height=”700″] Read more →

RIP Elliott Carter

The New York Times reports that Elliott Carter passed away yesterday. RIP. My favorite part of the article: “As a young man, I harbored the populist idea of writing for the public,” he once explained to an interviewer who asked him why he had chosen to write such difficult music. “I learned that the public didn’t care. So I decided… Read more →


 I owe all of my early musical achievements to a local music teacher in the town I grew up in, named David Bailey. He was the kind of teacher that rolled with whatever I decided to come in to learn that night, be it horn, conducting, or composing. Extremely supportive of my musical career, he gave me my first conducting gigs,… Read more →

So, I’ve begun…

…a new year of school, and with it, new lessons with Margaret Schedel.  This is pretty consistent in my choice of teachers; I’ve always elected to study with composers whom I feel to have vastly different points of view on composing than I do.  It feels like this practice could sometimes be doing things the hard way, but it’s worked… Read more →

I got 1969 problems…

I finished a movement of my string quartet today, which felt great!  I gave myself the evening off of composing to recuperate.  Puttering around Twitter, I decided that I should actually listen to some composers on Twitter.  It has always seemed to me that all of us are so desperate to be heard by whatever mystical (read: imaginary) audience of… Read more →

Hey Everyone…

…take a listen to the hot off the presses (well, maybe more like “hot off the editing suite”) recording of one of my latest pieces, Simple Carbs. This was recorded by the incomparably awesome h2 Saxophone Quartet, and the you-should-already-be-looking-out-for-this-guy Jared Redmond on piano!  They are performing at the Hotel Oasi Neumann at The Cortona Sessions for New Music. [haiku url=”″… Read more →

Today, I received…

…word that I’ve once again failed my Analysis Comps.  This will make my second try; I’ve got one more before I reap serious financial consequences for it. The two pieces were Brahms Op. 99 no. 2, and Adès’s Living Toys, no. 5. I’m not a complete idiot.  I can analyze music.  If you put tonal music in front of me… Read more →