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New Year’s Resolution

It’s been awhile since I’ve used this website.  My composing life has largely gone into hibernation while I sort out the details of living my “regular” life. I moved into my first house with my awesome wife, and have been spending a large amount of free time painting, organizing furniture, and working my day job. Trying to build a musical… Read more →


Kyle Gann recently wrote this post commenting on what considers the state of style amongst young composers today. I have a tendency to agree with with most any polemic for about fifteen minutes after I encounter them. After that, I can start to think about what they said (as opposed to “feel at” what they said). Here are some foggy… Read more →

Rain Shadow in Oregon Arts Watch

My upcoming premiere with Wyatt True at Oregon State University and The University of Oregon got a mention in Oregon Arts Watch: If you’re in the area, you should stop on by: The Oregon Multimedia Project multimedia concert happens at Oregon State University’s Benton Hall Rm. 303, Sunday October 25 at 3 pm, and at the University of Oregon’s Beall Hall,… Read more →

On Sandow’s “Music Theory for a New Century”

Greg Sandow recently wrote a blog post calling for a retooling of music theory, based on some of his consulting work with Depauw University.  By now, his desire to change some of the dustier attitudes of classical music toward that new-fangled pop music the kids are listening to these days is well-known (and in my opinion, a little over-tread by… Read more →

#musochat — July 26, 2015 — 9:00pm EST

Welcome to #musochat! Some ground rules: If you’re responding to a specific question (i.e. — Q1), indicate it in your answer (i.e. — A1). I’ve pre-scheduled all the whole number questions (Q1, Q2, etc.), but if I find an interesting subject to follow up on, I’ll insert decimal questions as necessary (Q1.1, Q1.2, etc.) As host, I won’t be answering questions… Read more →

#musochat — Sunday Nights @9pm EST on Twitter

  Last week, Megan Ihnen, Shaya Lyon, Hillary LaBonte, Gahlord Dewald, Garrett Schumann and I started up what we’re hoping will become a weekly (or maybe bi-weekly) #musochat on Twitter.  I’m hosting the next one, this Sunday (July 26) at 9pm, EST.   This week’s topic: Entrepreneurialism in Music Description: We’ve all read blogs, seen interviews, and otherwise had it… Read more →


I saw this link to THE EAR being passed around my Facebook feed today.  It seems as if a lot of my colleagues are a little cagey about stating their opinions about it outright.  After looking at the website, I can see why. On the surface, THE EAR sounds like a great idea.  According to Alf Bishai, THE BRAIN behind… Read more →

The $99 Orchestra People Keep Telling Me About

Ever since I’ve finished my dissertation, a 12.5 minute orchestra piece, I’ve been desperately looking for places to get it read, performed, or even just looked at by a conductor with some clout…or even no clout at all.  It’s really tough to get done — there are only a handful of opportunities out there, and they usually fall to students at… Read more →

Rich Kids and Music

There’s been some back and forth in the UK between an MP and James Blunt about Blunt’s (and others’) elite socioeconomic status pre-career and how he’s part of a burgeoning class of privileged upper-middle-class bourgeois musicians.  The New Republic added to the debate, positing: The children of the middle and upper classes are beginning to reassert a much older order.… Read more →

Cost of Living

Early on in our relationship, my wife and I sat down and had a big discussion about what the plan was going to be if we got married and both had to deal with finding jobs in academia.  It’s an agonizing situation to be in: both people want to find fulfilling careers for themselves, but for academics, the job market… Read more →