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There has been a…

…lot of discussion by classical music folks on Twitter lately regarding the notion of DWG‘s, aka Dead White Guys.  It seems to have grown from talk of how Alan Gilbert and the New York Philharmonic have programmed a number of new works in their season (most notably, Stockhausen’s Gruppen), but have neglected to program music by women and/or non-whites. I’ll… Read more →

Well, I got the…

…results from the Finale/ACF/eighth blackbird Composition Contest, and it turns out that although I wasn’t one of the three finalists, I did make it to the top fifteen that received an honorable mention!  You can check out 8bb’s blog post about the honorable mention here. I’ve got mixed feelings on the whole thing; I really, really, really wanted to make… Read more →

Double Reed Piece Update #2

Here’s the latest update of the piece I’m writing for my double reed friends at Stony Brook, Come.  Take a listen to the prototype track, and have a gander at the score.  Any feedback you can give would be very appreciated.  Note: the English Horn part isn’t transposed yet, and I haven’t put in the specific trill pitches (but those… Read more →

Milton Babbitt died today.

You can read all about it in NPR Classical’s article. I had tweeted about it when I saw the memorial status updates on Facebook; I kept dropping the ‘t’ at the end, a mistake I’ve been doing ever since I first learned his name.  I glibly tweeted that the power of combinatoriality had given him his long life.  I was… Read more →

Here’s a first…

…update on the piece I’m working on for my friends Glenda, Rachel, Kendra, and Jon.  It’s a piece for an ensemble they’re calling oboe band: two oboes, english horn, and bassoon.  I was skeptical at first, but I think I’m sold now.  Here are the first three pages of the score to Come, along with a sound file to give… Read more →

A brilliant friend…

…and colleague, Michael Shane, said this to me the other day: “A composer’s insecurities aren’t my problem.  Write.  Good.  Music.” It’s been ringing in my head over and over ever since he said it.  You can find more of his little nuggets of wisdom by following him on Twitter. Read more →

Car Conversation

Meg: “________ is one of those Bang on A Can-type composers, and (s)he’s cute. (S)He’ll go far.” Me: “Man, fuck those composers. Nah, I’m just jealous of them. Lisa Preimesberger told me that I should try out for the BOAC festival, that I would fit right in. But I’m not a rockstar!” Meg: “Yeah, _______’s a transplant.” Me: “Fuck that!… Read more →

This post is brought to you…

…by the people at MEGABUS (or however you spell it…I like the all-caps, emphasizing the MEGA aspect of MEGABUS).  I was editing my score for TWEAK for a while, but I can’t seem to focus on it without getting carsick.  Don’t ask me how I can type and watch “Up” on Netflix, but I can! So, in line for said… Read more →