Private Lessons

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Interested in learning to write music?

Music educators often recommend private study for students that become serious about improving their skill at an instrument.  Composition is a craft that must be worked on and developed just like playing an instrument, although the opportunity for many younger students to study composition simply isn’t available.  Both the interested amateur and the serious composer can benefit from one-on-one instruction in composition, studying subjects such as instrumentation, orchestration, counterpoint, rehearsal technique, and score preparation.

Auditioning for schools, and want to improve your skills in music theory, musicianship, or ear-training fundamentals?

Not many people consider taking lessons in music theory, musicianship, or ear-training, although honing these skills is paramount for any musician who wants to have a successful career.  Younger students are often not exposed to these subjects of music until high school at the earliest, and are often unprepared for these classes as they enter college, causing them to be placed into introductory classes that eat up precious credit hours in their busy college schedules.  Hundreds of dollars and hours of time could be saved if students invested in private study of these skills before entering college.

Want something extra on your resume to help you stand out from other potential candidates?

In today’s competitive musical world, it is important for students to demonstrate to potential schools that they are serious about taking the next step in their education.  Whether it’s vying for scholarship money or a place in an instructor’s studio, private study in the supporting areas of one’s main field of study can bolster a student’s qualifications, and help them to reach their goals.

Rates: $30.00 / half-hour, $50.00 / hour

I can help you to take the next step in your career, whether that be a successful career in college, or as a well-rounded amateur musician.  Please contact me for more details, or if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!